Republic Paper provides articles on international politics ranging from analysis to interviews and opinion. The knowledge we provide is meant to guide political enthusiasts as well as politicians through the complex world of international politics.

The magazine does not prioritize writers according to merits, but rather seeks to publish articles containing the highest possible quality. We therefore consider ourselves a platform where talents get a chance to develop.

Founded in 2017 by Jotam Confino (M.A in Security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University). Jotam has written extensively about the Middle East in the Danish media, and is now the editor of Republic Paper.

Staff writers:

Daniel Azaria

M.A from Tel Aviv University in Political Science and Political Communications, and a BA in Business Administration from IDC Herzliyah. His writing has been published by Jerusalem Post and he has been interviewed by several Swedish publication such as Aftonbladet and Swedish Radio to comment on current events in Israel and the Zionist movement.

Anant Mishra

Former Youth Representative to the United Nations Security Council, and is now writing articles for a variety of magazines, such as The National Interest, The Indian Iris and The Dialogue from his base in New Delhi.

Jotam Confino

Editor of Republic Paper, M.A in Security & Diplomacy, BA in International Studies. As a freelance journalist, Jotam has written analytical articles about The Middle East for numerous papers and magazines in Denmark. He is now based in Copenhagen, where he runs Republic Paper from.

Sam Jumbwike

With a BA in Community Development, Sam is now covering the political situation in East Africa closely. He previously handled the anti corruption Caravan Reports in Eastern Uganda and Western Uganda between 2014 and 2015, and is now a reporter on Oil & Gas for Earthfinds Uganda.